Do you wish to have your desired prospects find you
instead of you searching for them?
I am happy to assist in spreading the word.

Create Confidence. Commit Customers. Attract Prospects.


Based on your vision, together we shape your communication strategy.

Media Relations

Inform through the trade press about products, services and events.


A qualified web presence generates the interest of your desired customers.

Social Media

LinkedIn, Twitter & Co. connects you directly with your potential customers.

Content Marketing

Arouse interest with blogs, newsletters, and corporate media.

Expert Marketing

Bring your message to the world by enhancing your visibility in business.

How may I enhance your public relations?

Stay informed.


Stay informed with latest press releases and updates about clients' products, services, and projects.

Visibility in Business

Are you an expert or specialist book author in the health sector and do you desire more reach? How about, I inspire and accompany you for this on expert marketing, online PR or book marketing? Learn more about the courses and opportunities and visit me at